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Chief Operating Officer (COO) Job Description

Please see our Chief Operating Officer Job Description Sample Template.

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COO Job Description

This is a generic FREE Chief Operating Officer job description template, focusing on the roles and responsibilities of a COO. It outlines the core COO duties and responsibilities and provides a foundational guide this leadership role within various organisations.

If you require a job description specific to your industry sector and appropriate for the size of your organisation, your Executive Recruit industry specialist will be able to provide you with a tailored role profile when undertaking your recruitment assignment.

The responsibilities of a Chief Operating Officer encompass a wide range of operational and management tasks, from overseeing day-to-day operations to ensuring that the company’s strategic objectives are operationalised and implemented effectively.

Clearly defining the role and responsibilities of a COO will help you attract the right candidates who are proficient in managing company operations and driving your organization towards operational excellence.

Chief Operating Officer Job Description Template

Role of a Chief Operating Officer:

The COO will direct and oversee the operational activities of the organisation. This includes planning and overseeing policies, rules and goals.

The Chief Operating Officer will generally be the company’s second in command, reporting to the chief executive officer (CEO) and will focus on the operationalisation of the strategy.

In contrast to a CEO, who deals with long-term business goals, the COO implements daily operations, aligned with that goal and the company’s strategies. The COO is often chosen to complement the strengths and weaknesses of the CEO, to enhance the leadership.

The COO will need to have the ability and confidence to put your judgement and leadership skills to make sure that the organisation executes strategies and plans in a timely and thorough manner.

The COO will be responsible for most operational functions including some or all or the following: product / project delivery, finance, human resources, IT, legal, health and safety, customer services and facilities management.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Measuring the efficiency of an organisation’s operational processes and taking steps to improve them.
  • Developing strategies for the growth of the organisation and making sure they are implemented.
  • Liaising between the organisation and clients, for quality assurance purposes.
  • Ensuring the FD/CFO has raised investment and funding for the business in order to facilitate operational growth.
  • Ensuring that all employees, including senior management, have access to mentoring and coaching, to optimise motivation levels.
  • Developing and controlling all operational budgets to ensure that the company has all the resources required to meet its objectives within agreed financial parameters and to maintain the financial strength of the company.
  • Empowering the operational team with the leadership and resources they need to successfully complete operations initiatives
  • Coordinating with human resources (HR) to ensure the success of recruitment and retention policies and processes.
  • Regularly reviewing operations to ensure that these meet required standards and recommend changes where necessary.
  • Partnering with other C-level executives to accomplish short and long-term operational goals
  • Overseeing the operations of the organisation and making any necessary changes to meet business goals and projections
  • Measuring and reporting on operational performance and develop plans to impr……TO BE CONTINUED. CLICK BELOW FOR THE FULL TEMPLATE

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Please see our Chief Operating Officer Job Description Sample Template.

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