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Chief People Officer (CPO) Job Description

Please see our CPO Job Description Sample Template.

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Chief People Officer (CPO) Job Description

This is a generic, FREE template for a Chief People Officer (CPO) job description, focusing on the roles and responsibilities of a CPO. It outlines the core CPO duties and responsibilities and provides a foundational guide this leadership role within various organisation

If you require a job description specific to your industry sector and appropriate for the size of your organisation, your Executive Recruit industry specialist will be able to provide you with a tailored role profile when undertaking your recruitment assignment.

The responsibilities of a Chief People Officer revolve around overseeing all aspects of human resource management, organisational development, and ensuring that the company culture aligns with the business objectives.

Clearly defining the role and responsibilities of a Chief People Officer will assist you in attracting candidates who can create a supportive work environment and drive an organisation towards achieving its vision through its people.

CPO Job Description Template

Role of a Chief People Officer

The responsibility of the Chief People Officer will be to manage the human capital of an organisation. The Chief People Officer will have responsibility for managing the HR function in a company, acting as the top people strategist within organisation.

As part of this role, the CPO will be expected to provide creative and insightful solutions to critical HR issues and advise other members of the executive team accordingly.

The role is regarded as the highest possible HR / People position and will requires years of skill, experience and knowledge.

Chief People Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Building the HR function of the organisation.
  • Partner with management to address day-to-day HR operational issues such as employee relations, compensation reviews, escalated benefits issues, performance management and training
  • Playing a role in the strategic deliberations of the executive team.
  • Supervising and leading the HR team in creating an inviting and cohesive employee experience.
  • Implement and manage compliance efforts with all the employment laws and regulations that govern the private companies relating to all aspects of the employee life cycle
  • Act as an employee champion and change agent by anticipating HR-related needs and delivering value added services for the benefit of the employees.
  • Providing insightful crisis management advice when required.
  • Maintain an effective level of business literacy including company goals, mission, financial position, strategy, competition, technology and culture.
  • Investigate claims of misconduct and escalates to legal and security team as required.
  • Maintaining current knowledge of industry trends and employment legislation to ensure regulatory compliance. Identifies trends that could impact the organisation objectives.
  • Ensuring that the organisation’s values are reflected in people-oriented decisions.
  • Driving the change management of the organisation.
  • Develop and manage annual budgets for the department and perform periodic cost and produ……TO BE CONTINUED. CLICK BELOW FOR THE FULL TEMPLAT

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Please see our CPO Job Description Sample Template.

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