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CTO Job Description

Please see our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Job Description Sample Template.

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Job Description

This is a generic, FREE template for a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) job description, focusing on the roles and responsibilities of a CTO. It outlines the core CTO duties and responsibilities and provides a foundational guide this leadership role within various organisations.

If you require a job description specific for your industry sector and one which is appropriate to the size of your organisation then your Executive Recruit industry specialist will be able to provide you with a tailored role profile when undertaking your recruitment assignment.

The responsibilities of a Chief Technology Officer include the oversight of all technological aspects and resources of a company for organisational growth. Establishing a technology vision, strategies, and plans for growth are central to this role.

Clearly defining the role and responsibilities of a CTO will help you attract the right candidates who are capable of aligning technology-related decisions with the organization’s goals, and who can innovate and lead the technological development of your company.

Chief Technology Officer Job Description Template

Role of a Chief Technology Officer:

The CTO, will be responsible for the technology infrastructure of a company.

The Chief Technology Officer will be in charge of a company’s information technology and computer systems with duties including assessing current processes, recommending software upgrades, and directing the executive team on the best processes.

Note: Many organisations combine the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and hire one individual to have overall responsibility.

CTO Duties and Responsibilities:

Depending on the organisation within a company, CTO duties can be combined with CIO duties in one role. These responsibilities include:

  • Being responsible for the technology architecture of an organisation.
  • Developing, tracking and controlling the development of annual operating and capital budgets for purchasing, staffing and operations
  • Running the team of IT engineers within the organisation.
  • Using technology to improve on the products that the company has to offer.
  • Assisting other departments in using technology effectively
  • Researching any new technologies that may poten…TO BE CONTINUED. CLICK BELOW FOR THE FULL TEMPLATE

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Please see our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Job Description Sample Template.

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