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Psychometric Testing

Meaningful relationships are far more than skin deep. To get the best from a current or prospective employee, for both your benefit and theirs, you need to really know them. This is why psychometric testing is such an integral and vital part of the executive recruitment process.
We work with a range of trusted and highly experienced partners who expertly utilise personality tools, leadership evaluation methodologies and ability tests accredited by the British Psychological Society.
Once they have developed a full understanding of your own organisation, its culture, people, needs and objectives, they will exploit the most suitable tools to measure the agreed criteria, providing reporting on where each employee or candidate’s core skills lie and areas where further development would be beneficial.
During the recruitment process, psychometric testing methodologies ensure that the candidates being interviewed are suitable for your organisation, culturally and in terms of their aptitude and malleability as future leaders. Knowing exactly what motivates a person, how they communicate, what strengths and weaknesses they possess and how they perform under pressure or in measured environments, aids managers in being more effective at people management and helps organisations coach their people in order to unlock their full potential.
Executive Recruitment UK offer psychometric testing as part of our recruitment package or as an independent service, recommending the strategic partner most suitable and relevant to your field and organisational requirements.

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