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Trustee Job Description

Please see our Trustee Job Description Sample Template.

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Trustee Job Description

This is a generic FREE Trustee job description template.

If you require a job description specific to your industry sector and one which is appropriate to the size of your organisation then your Executive Recruit industry specialist will be able to provide you with a tailored role profile when undertaking your recruitment assignment.

Trustee Role Purpose

As a Trustee, you will be responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of an organisation, developing its aims, objectives and goals in accordance with company guidelines, legal and regulatory guidelines.

The Trustees will carry out business on behalf of the trust. In your role, as a Trustee, you will help to protect the wealth and assets of the organisation. You will be legally responsible for the assets and debts of a trust.

Trustee Responsibilities

Depending on the situation, a Trustee can have a range of responsibilities. These responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that an organisation complies with guidelines, legislation and any other legislation or regulations
  • Making sure that an organisation pursues defined goals in line with its stated objectives.
  • Monitoring the financial position and ensuring that it operates within its means and that there are clear lines of accountability for financial management
  • Ensuring that the resources of an organisation are used only to pursue legitimate objectives.
  • Contributing to the board of trustees’ role of providing stra……TO BE CONTINUED. CLICK BELOW FOR THE FULL TEMPLATE

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Trustee Job Description

Please see our Trustee Job Description Sample Template.

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