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IT Director Job Description

If you require a job description specific for your industry sector and one which is appropriate to the size of your organisation then your Executive Recruit industry specialist will be able to provide.This is a generic FREE business development director job description with a tailored role profile when undertaking your recruitment assignment.

IT Director Purpose

IT Directors are responsible for creating IT policies and strategies and ensuring that the organisation’s technology helps it to achieve its goals as well as managing the IT and computer systems of the organisation.

In addition, they are responsible for the overall management of the entire IT department including all employees who work there.

They are expected to work with different disciplines within the organisation to ensure that their IT requirements are met. Therefore, they should be adept at developing relationships with CEOs, heads of departments, and external contractors.

We have outlined some of the generic responsibilities this job role entails below. Bespoke job descriptions are designed for each vacancy registered with us, and specific duties will be stated in direct relation to your business, and the interlinking roles and responsibilities around your existing company structure.



Download complete IT Director job description editable template (MS Word)


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