Secure your ideal candidate by streamlining your recruitment process

October 12th 2017 | Posted by phil scott

Secure your ideal candidate by streamlining your recruitment process

It works both ways. During the recruitment process, organisations make an assessment of the candidates they interview, and those same candidates form a perception of their prospective employers.

Candidates judge recruitment processes, which paint a picture of how dynamic, successful and trustworthy organisations are – so it’s important to carefully plan recruitment strategies well in advance, so that the organisation is portrayed in the best light.

The most talented executives out there will likely be considering a number of opportunities, for organisations which all claim to be the most desirable to work for. Having the luxury of being able to take their time in assessing a prospective employer’s culture, visions, professionalism, technologies, remuneration package and prospects for career progression, candidates need to be secured promptly or else they could be lost to another organisation.

So what can ease this concern and improve an organisation’s chances of appointing their ideal candidate? Over the years, our experienced executive recruitment consultants have seen the benefits resulting from organisations whose recruitment processes are professional and smooth.

Another factor that can typically sway candidates to choose one organisation over another is demonstrating integrity, inspiring the interviewee to trust that the employer will carry out their pledges, meet the candidate’s requirements and make certain adjustments in order to accommodate them.

In our experience in executive recruitment, it’s beneficial for organisations to complete the recruitment process within a maximum of 4 weeks from the first meeting, to stand a good chance of securing the favoured executive. To achieve this, all stakeholders in an organisation need to be aligned to a unified recruitment plan, ensure that decisions are taken as swiftly as possible, offers are communicated promptly and all scheduled interviews and other meetings are honoured, preventing any delays to the process.