People who move fastest get their man

May 25th 2017 | Posted by phil scott

People who move fastest get their man

There are many great candidates currently on the market for companies to hire. But the very best people are also finding they have not one, but a few opportunities to consider for their next move.

What draws them to one company over another? Candidates are increasingly using the hiring process as an indication of a company’s values and viability. While cultural fit, career prospects, company strength and vision as well as the remuneration package are important, our executive recruiters find candidates with multiple job offers are increasingly attracted to the company they felt treated them the best during the recruitment process.

How are these companies doing it? By actively incorporating expectations, communication, time management and engagement into a swift and efficient recruitment experience. These companies are setting the stage for a successful partnership, right from the start.

In short, candidates increasingly value a company’s culture and reputation for treating employees well. If you show a candidate you are willing to meet their requirements when they need them, and complete the recruitment process within weeks, you are more likely to secure top talent.