5 Key Benefits of Recruiting at Christmas

December 14th 2021 | Posted by phil scott

5 Key Benefits of Recruiting at Christmas

Traditionally, companies have concentrated their recruitment drives to January and February, with the ideal window hovering around the first three weeks of the year. Or perhaps even immediately after the summer holidays in September and October. With this in mind, it’s interesting to note that recent recruitment insights point towards the Christmas period as being one to watch when it comes to attracting and securing the best talent.

On the face of it, the idea of running an executive recruitment search over the holiday season may seem untenable, but a closer look at the unique set of circumstances the Christmas hiatus brings, and the benefits become all too apparent.

Time isn’t an issue

Let’s face it, the recruitment process is often set amidst a backdrop of hectic schedules and daunting workloads. This puts a fair amount of pressure on executives when it comes to considering new jobs. The search and select process for senior leaders is involved and requires engagement. Considering this in combination with a demanding and responsible current role, and the reasons to disengage may add up.

December automatically removes some of that pressure through reduced work levels. Just one good reason to opt for the quieter end of year when it comes to looking for that perfect new executive, or manager!

This works both ways!

Conveniently, this rule works both ways. Senior staff on both sides of the process will have more downtime, more availability and less pressure. This effectively means that recruiting managers will have more flexibility to meet with candidates at a time more conducive to considering big employment decisions. A win-win situation all round!

People are thinking about the future

Despite the commonly accepted view that the Christmas holiday’s means a complete break from work, for many it’s actually a time for reflection and planning for the future. Getting away from the work environment can act as an extremely positive diversion when it comes to refocusing the energy and looking forward.

Senior executives and aspiring talent get to where they are through a strong work ethic, and this mind-set doesn’t tend to take a holiday just because it’s Christmas. So, December can actually present a great opportunity to approach top talent.

Keeping it real

This slower pace coupled with a refocused attitude leads to more genuine and considered conversations and insightful interviews, so recruiting managers will get a clear view of the candidate at their best.

This makes it easier to align talent and vacancy when considering a fit of culture and ambition. For the same reasons, it also provides a great opportunity to ask for key employee referrals if required.

There’s less competition

The key recruiting periods are beset with employers vying for the best executives from a limited pool. It also means that candidates will potentially have more options to consider, so your offer could form part of a queue.

December, on the other hand, presents a less competitive marketplace. Candidates aren’t likely to be bombarded with job offers, and this will immediately provide your vacancy with the cut-through it needs to really attract the attention of your ideal shortlist.

So next time you’re considering attracting the best people for your vacancy, think about timing. December may well become the new January in recruitment, and it’s always better to lead the way, rather than follow the crowd.