What core skills should senior executives have?

April 1st 2022 | Posted by Phil Scott

Choosing the right executive for a role at your company is one of the most vital decisions you will ever make in terms of ensuring ongoing commercial success.

The right person will bring dynamism and creative strategies to your organisation and promote success across the board. In terms of filling such a critical role, what should you be looking for when it comes to the core skills of a senior executive?

An appreciation of the responsibilities of leadership

Good leaders know that the role demands awareness of the value of praise and constructive criticism. They also understand when both tools are appropriate.

Top executives also appreciate that fairness is vital to the ongoing success of the organisation. They ensure that employees are treated in a consistent and equitable manner.

In addition, experienced executives who are at the top of their game are able to appreciate the consequences and impact of their action and behave accordingly.

The ability to plan and organise successfully

All good professionals need to have well-developed planning skills. But exceptional leaders take this further as they are able to manage the results of departments throughout the organisation as well as their own.

They also possess strong analytical abilities which they apply in a clear and focused manner to create successful strategies for the business based on developments in the market.

Clear and appropriate communication

The highest performing executives display clear communication at all levels of the organisation and with all stakeholders. This builds a strong foundation for good working relationships across the business.

They also ensure that all decisions and communications are transparent with comprehensive and accurate records kept. This removes the opportunity for secrecy and thereby alleviates the risk of mistakes occurring as well as making it easier for the business to operate in a seamless manner.

Confidence to make decisions and take actions

Any effective leader realises that discussion and team opinions are useful when business decisions have to be made. However, they also work hard to develop their confidence in order to make well-thought-out final decisions that are in the best interests of the business.

Successful senior leaders also have the ability to support and trust employees of the organisation to turn decisions into actions that enable the business to move forward.

Sustained levels of motivation

Strong and sustained self-motivation is an essential attribute for any top performing executive. They also have the ability to motivate others in the organisation in order to achieve the best possible results.

When things do not go entirely to plan, the most effective professionals also posses the resilience to remain motivated and lead the workforce into overcoming any challenges and obstacles that are present.

Finding the right person to fill a senior role in your organisation is not always easy. However, being aware of these key skills makes the process a little easier as it enables you to shortlist those people that possess the right attributes to be successful in a senior role.

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