What are some of the concerns business leaders are having in 2019?

May 17th 2021 | Posted by phil scott

What are some of the concerns business leaders are having in 2019?

What are some of the concerns business leaders are having in 2019?

The uncertainty that usually prevails around economic evolution each year keeps business leaders up at nights.

In 2019, business leaders from all walks of life, including those operating in the UK, are striving to calculate the vitality of the economy, and predicting what’s next for them, amid ever-changing business trends.

Growth and leadership

Leadership and growth are the top-most two concerns UK business leaders have in 2019, and beyond, following Brexit. The growing concerns for cybersecurity, digital transformation, and political instability have changed the entire dynamics of the UK economy.

As a result, businesses have suffered, and most of them are on the verge of a closure.

How business leaders will react to cope up with challenges with an impending fear of Brexit is a question that literally ‘no one’ has an answer to. However, one thing is very clear, Brexit is in its transitional phase and will soon become a reality in March 2019 as per current UK geopolitical dynamics. Regardless of your support in the referendum, Brexit will impact business organisations of all sizes and hierarchy in 2019, and beyond.


According to a survey of Gartner, Inc., CEOs, and top-executives have reported Growth and Leadership to be the two of the top-most leading concerns business leaders will have in 2019. However, the survey also reflected that implemental growth will become harder to achieve, and right leadership will be needed to kick the morale of employees off the ground. This is the reason why business leaders, owners, top executives, and CEOs may need to change and upgrade the structure of their businesses, and develop deeper understanding into the world of business, following Brexit.

Adapting to the changing workforce

Today, the world is moving at a very fast pace. Those who remain competitive with the market can expect to survive and grow. On the contrary, those who don’t will eventually be forced to quit the market. So, adapting to the changing workforce culture is important to make your presence felt and grow your company in general. Since Millennials have mostly taken over the job world, it is projected that digital transformation will be easy to cope with. As a business leader, you should take adapting to the changing workforce as an opportunity to excel further in business rather to see it as an obstacle to overcome.

Aligning business strategy and social values

Business leaders need to acknowledge the fact that we now have stepped in the world where employees, consumers, and stakeholders have become conscious of the socio-environmental impact businesses have.

As business leaders are now being pushed by regulations and customer opinions, they need to keep the social and environmental aspects in mind before drafting, aligning, implementing their business strategy and social values. Similarly, as a business leader, you need to care for your employees, and their interests. And in return, they will maximise your ROI.

Running a business in today’s competitive business environment is never free of challenges. Business leaders in the UK are pretty concerned about the volatile situation of the economy, amid Brexit fears. However, they can cope with whatever challenges Brexit has to bring in 2019 and beyond if they keep a track of ever-changing business dynamics in particular.

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