Three secrets to successful recruitment at executive level

May 5th 2022 | Posted by Phil Scott

Top performing companies recognise the importance of getting executive level recruitment right first time. There are three secrets that help to ensure this happens and that are especially useful for start-ups that are searching for executives who will be central to guiding the future strategies and performance of their organisation.

These secrets are best used in conjunction with each other, as together they provide the best opportunity to hire the right individual.

Utilise contacts of the current leadership team

Leaders all have their own networks, and these networks are often a valuable recruitment tool. This applies to members of the leadership team as well as stakeholders and external advisors.

Making use of these networks can work in two ways:

  • Leaders mine their own networks for potential recruitment opportunities with the appropriate tools and advice provided to them to ensure optimum success.
  • Recruitment/HR specialists receive permission from executives in order to conduct searches and locate prospects.

Throughout the process of mining contacts, maintaining privacy is essential and professionalism is paramount. This includes not making contact if it’s unlikely to be welcomed and never spamming an individual.

Research role requirements and search opportunities

The most successful executive recruitments are backed by extensive research. This research begins with establishing the precise requirements of the role in order to successfully measure candidates against them.

A further research step that top companies take is establishing a selection of potential outlets where suitably qualified candidates are likely to be found. This selection can include organisations, other companies, and universities where specific courses are provided.

Companies with the most ambition for success know that this research does not have to wait until a vacancy exists. They build an understanding of various roles and establish a network of potential outlets that can then be brought into play when recruitment into a vacancy is necessary.

Looking to recruitment professionals for assistance

Help from external recruiters can support internal executive search efforts or can be used on its own in order to fill a vacancy successfully.

Expert recruitment provides access to a more extensive network of suitably qualified candidates for an executive role. It also gives companies the opportunity to collaborate with specialist recruitment teams within a specific industry or field.

Specialist recruiters develop relationships with top professionals. This is beneficial to each professional and to the companies that are looking to recruit the right person to their executive team.

Recruiters provide the vital connection that links the right candidate with the right role and makes the entire recruitment process smoother.

Each of these secrets has an integral role to play in finding the best executives for top roles. They can be utilised in isolation but often work best when put into play in conjunction with each other. Mining contacts of current executives, developing sources of potential candidates, and accessing the skill of external recruiters come together to provide the best opportunity to recruit individuals that are able to lead the company into a successful future.

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