Standing out from the crowd when head-hunters are searching

November 12th 2021 | Posted by Dave

Standing out from the crowd when head-hunters are searching

Standing out from the crowd when head-hunters are searching

There is often something of an air of mystery around the role of a head-hunter.

Stripping this away, the basic responsibility of an individual in this position is to find the right talent for clients. This often involves sourcing the right person for a role in response to an urgent need.

Head-hunters often have access to a pool of talent so it’s vital to stand out from the crowd. There are several steps you can take in order to make this happen.

Pay attention to your LinkedIn Profile

As an executive competing for top roles, your LinkedIn profile is a vital tool. It’s your showcase and allows you to display your talents to head-hunters who have high-profile clients. When compiling and updating your profile, certain aspects should always be at the centre of your attention.

  • Completing all categories including certification, skills, and languages spoken thereby highlighting your full range of abilities.
  • Describing work experiences in a concise manner that refers to specific examples so head-hunters can clearly see what you have to offer.
  • Making use of the About feature to capture information about aspects such as soft skills and passions.
  • Requesting recommendations from colleagues or clients to back-up your own words.
  • Thinking carefully about using key phrases and words that will secure you the attention you seek.=

Communicate with head-hunters

LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to communicate with head-hunters. Making a connection with them, and alerting them to your skills, abilities, and career aspirations, means they are likely to add you to their database.

They are then aware of you when a suitable position becomes available. Head-hunters also often share valuable information with their connections on LinkedIn.

Be honest and open

Transparency is essential if you hope to secure a valuable connection with a head-hunter. They need to know about your aspirations, beliefs, and personality, and not just the facts on your CV. This helps them to judge whether you are the right fit for a position.

Equally, being honest about your skills and strengths means that you are more likely to secure an opportunity that is an ideal match for your talents.

Build and maintain your network

Networking is an essential career tool for any executive. Having the right network in place opens the door on potentially interesting and lucrative opportunities. It also allows head-hunters to reach out to you as part of their trusted network of professionals.

In addition, you are able to utilise your networking opportunities with other professionals in order to identify the most appropriate head-hunters to assist you with your career progression.

Top professionals understand the importance of paying careful attention to these steps. This does not simply involve taking a single action. It’s vital to maintain LinkedIn details, connections, and networks on an ongoing basis if you want to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to standing out to head-hunters and securing opportunities that assist you in your achieving your career aspirations.

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