Solving the problem of filling a senior role – What You Should Know

January 17th 2022 | Posted by Dave

Finding the right candidates for senior roles in your business is essential to its ongoing success and growth. This is more important than ever for many organisations right now in what has become a challenging landscape.

It can be complicated to ensure that you place the right people at senior level but there are steps that you can take to ensure your decisions are the right ones.

Understand the long-term vision of your organisation

Changing personnel at a senior level presents you and your board members with the opportunity to revisit the overall vision of the organisation. This involves considering what is required of prospective candidates.

Once you have a firm long-term strategy in place, you are able to communicate it to each candidate. Doing this helps to ensure that you are on the same page.

Know what type of candidate you are looking for

You cannot hope to hire the right candidate for a senior role in your organisation if you do not understand what you are looking for. Businesses that are successful in their senior level recruitment have the answers to questions such as what personality traits are required in a candidate and what experience is needed.

These answers are then used to formulate a candidate profile that can be used throughout the recruitment process.

Be proactive with your search

Simply choosing to advertise a senior role in your organisation is not always the best way to get the right people onboard. It limits your pool of candidates to those who actively seeking a new position.

The best option is to search out professionals who are a good fit for your business. This proactive approach usually works best when collaborating with professional recruiters who know the best people to approach.

Be patient with your search

It often takes more time to hire senior executives than more junior personnel, so you need to be prepared for this. You cannot afford to rush the decision as this could lead to you reaching the wrong conclusion.

Be willing to wait for the right person if they already have a role at another organisation. If your requirement to fill your position is urgent you can make an interim appointment to meet the immediate need.

Make an offer that provides value

It’s no longer the case that high salaries are enough to attract top talent. This is particularly the case as younger professionals make their way up the career ladder. Successful recruiters realise this and recognise the value of offering a package of benefits.

When considering what type of package to offer candidates for your senior positions, you may want to consider features such as share options and personalised lifestyle benefits.

Develop a relationship with recruitment experts

Recruiting to a senior role can be complex and time-consuming. It can be difficult to manage the recruitment process alongside other aspects of the business.

It makes sense to develop a relationship with recruitment professionals who have access to a list of top potential candidates and can help you make the right choices and secure the services of the best individual for your business.

Following these steps helps you to solve the problem of filling a senior role in your organisation.

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