How Business leaders facilitate inclusion beyond Pride month

July 9th 2021 | Posted by Dave

How Business leaders facilitate inclusion beyond Pride month

How Business leaders facilitate inclusion beyond Pride month

Although the official London Pride celebration does not take place until September this year, Pride Month has drawn to a close.

But it’s important to remember that the message of Pride is not just for one month of the year. Top business leaders put inclusivity at the centre of everything they do.

They also ensure that their organisations have a culture of inclusivity. As we reflect on Pride Month, it’s interesting to examine how these leaders make a difference.

Understanding where the organisation is now

No organisation can hope to improve the diversity of its culture if it does not understand its current position. One of the most effective methods of discovery that leaders use is simply asking people.

This requires careful attention in order to ensure that people are able to comment freely and anonymously. It also involves giving people the ability to provide comprehensive and illuminating feedback.

Having an ambitious vision

Once the current situation is clear, top performing leaders develop an ambitious vision to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organisation. They understand that this is not just the ethical and morally correct path to take, it also helps to make an organisation more powerful and successful.

Developing a culture that learns about inclusivity

Leaders who are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive organisation lead my example. They also promote learning within the workplace. This includes learning themselves and deepening their understanding of the LGBQT+ community.

Successful learning initiatives include welcoming speakers into the organisation and encouraging people within the organisation to share their own experiences, if they are comfortable doing so.

Understanding there is no one perfect path

There is one correct route to take to develop a diverse culture. Influential executives create an inclusion programme that is right for their business. The programme is based on data should as feedback from individuals within the organisation.

This work is done within an environment of discretion. No-one is forced to disclose any diversity related information when they are reluctant to do so.

Knowing that it takes time to make a difference

One of the most important factors recognised by leaders who are successful in promoting diversity is that there is no “quick fix.” It takes time to instil diversity and inclusivity within an organisation. Issues that exist within a business will not disappear overnight.

Dedicated leaders recognise that small steps make a difference. They know that every question they ask, or lesson they and their team learn, is vital. All of these actions come together to gradually build a culture of inclusivity.

Top-performing executives dedicate themselves to making sure that this happens. They remain focussed on their vision and dedicated to reaching their inclusivity goals. This enables them to develop an organisation where diversity is at the centre of activity all year round and not just when Pride Month comes around each year. This type of organisation becomes more powerful as a result.

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