Building a strong Executive profile – Top level advice

June 2nd 2023 | Posted by Dave

One reason why some executives progress more quickly than others is that they build a strong profile. Having this profile means they are more likely to be called upon to provide advice and expertise. This in turn leads to opportunities for promotion.

So, ambitious executives know building a strong profile is key to securing the most lucrative roles. There are several steps which are part of the profile building process.

Understanding personal brand

The most successful executives define their personal brand early. They know what drives them and what their strengths are. They also recognise the experience they bring to a role and what the themes of their career are. In addition, those executives that achieve the most in their careers can articulate their leadership style and what makes them unique in the executive landscape.

Creating a professional story

An executive’s story is integral to their value proposition. It shows an organisation what to expect and how an individual can make a difference. Often this story looks like a biography. It focuses on those aspects of the story that are the most meaningful and memorable for a particular audience.

Developing a reputation as a thought leader

The most well thought of executives cultivate a reputation as a thought leader. Doing this helps them to enhance their credibility and build a strong following. To develop this reputation, professionals identify a niche where they can build in-depth and current knowledge. They then share this knowledge by discussing topics and themes in person and across social media channels. The more they make valuable contributions to discussions and debates, the more others see them as a thought leader in their area.

Having a presence across multiple platforms

The online world gives executives access to a global audience. So, progressive individuals understand that developing a positive online presence is essential. This development includes various channels such as social media and blog posts. It’s essential that all efforts are tailored to the desired audience using the most appropriate methods. Top executives also realise that an offline presence through networking and events is a vital aspect of a strong executive profile.

Nurturing strong relationships with others

This aspect of building a strong executive profile is linked to an executive’s presence as relationships are often created because of online or offline networking and discussion activities. Once relationships are formed, the most progressive executives develop them by maintaining positive contact with individuals and organisations that are relevant to their expertise and ambitions. The communication required to maintain and develop these relationships takes a variety of forms including social media, email, networking events, and virtual and face to face meetings.

Combining these steps helps executives who have ambitions to progress to build a strong executive profile. Having this profile in place means that professionals attract the attention of organisations that want the best executives in the organisation. This attention allows individuals to obtain lucrative roles and reach the pinnacle of their industry.

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