Building a strong marketing strategy to withstand uncertain times

February 22nd 2023 | Posted by phil scott

If recent times have shown us anything it’s that we live in a world which is constantly changing. So, it makes sense that top executives build marketing strategies that withstand uncertainties and have agility built in.

There are several steps experienced marketing executives take to ensure their strategies are robust. Keep reading to take a more in-depth look at these steps.

Be adaptable with marketing plans

The most successful marketing executives understand the value of a bold and adaptable approach. They make decisions that are based on data. They are also open to making changes if a plan is not as effective as envisaged. Taking this approach relies on each aspect of a marketing strategy being subject to change when necessary, the close monitoring of trends, and the ability of the marketing team to be agile in their work.

Ensure the marketing team is prepared

Top executives know that a marketing strategy is only as good as the team that executes it. So, they invest time and effort in  getting the best out of their marketing team in order to optimise results.

The efforts they make include ensuring the team has the skills, training, and resources they require. They also create a collaborative and transparent environment that makes it easier for everyone involved in executing the marketing strategy to work at an optimum level.

Understand the organisation’s customers

Executives who build strong and successful marketing strategies know the importance of placing customers at the centre of their focus. This mindset is a key aspect of ensuring the success of marketing in an organisation.

An essential aspect of developing a customer-focused approach is understanding what appeals to the people who use a company’s products or services. Marketing leaders also employ the latest technology and tools to keep track of data and understand emerging trends, and they ensure their marketing team understand the value of real time data and are agile enough to operate accordingly.

Engage with stakeholders

Executives who develop successful marketing strategies have various targets in mind when doing so. For example, marketing strategies can aim to gain advantages over competitors, increase market share, and expand the organisation’s customer base.

In order to be successful in any of these areas, top executives know that communicating with stakeholders is vital. These stakeholders vary depending on the organisation but they include anyone who is integral to ensuring the success of a marketing strategy. The communication required is transparent and executives use data to back-up decisions.

Marketing executives who are most successful take these steps to achieve impressive results. They build agility into their strategies and make sure their marketing team has the abilities, technology and training required to ensure the smooth implementation of the strategy and to take the organisation’s marketing forward in an optimal manner.

Respected executives also understand the requirements of the organisation’s customers and know that their strategy will only work if they engage with all stakeholders in a transparent data-driven way.

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