4 qualities that make a great leader

July 8th 2016 | Posted by phil scott

4 qualities that make a great leader

Taking on a leadership role in any company means accepting a big responsibility.    A leadership role brings with it the weight of accountability – for a team, a project or the business as a whole.   A senior job automatically makes that person a leader to those around them.  They are there to inspire, motivate and guide a team to achieve success.

What makes a great leader?  What sets them apart from the rest and identifies them as an inspiration and a pioneer?

While the exact formula for successful leadership is different for everyone,
Executive Recruitment UK has worked with many inspirational people and identifies 4 qualities that help make great leaders.

Leading with a vision

A leader creates vision.  They set goals and ambitions, directing their mind towards how to make the vision a reality.  They use vision to keep them focused and help shape their strategy.

A great leader knows how to share this vision with others.  They are able to use the shared vision to inspire those around them.  They use it to unite a team and to bring people together.  This encourages them to work towards achieving their shared goals.

Being able to lead by sharing a joint vision helps makes a stronger, more inspirational leader.  The results = an inspired, passionate and committed team.

Leading with perspective

A great leader stands apart through their ability to bring perspective to each experience.  They are able to carefully balance being ambitious and optimistic with being considered and circumspect.    They will evaluate risk, examine scenarios and weigh up strategies for action.

The ability to balance aspirational vision with realism means a great leader can truly guide those around them to success.  In this way, they are able to turn visions into reality.

Leading by example

Inspirational words can only take a leader so far.  A leader becomes credible, trustworthy and inspirational by doing themselves what they ask of others.  A great leader leads by example.

When asking others to work in partnership, be responsible for their actions, or work hard to deliver a complex project, a great leader will show that they also follow their own direction by doing the same.

People trust a leader who does more than just command.  They will put their faith in a leader who demonstrates through actions.

Leading with consultation

A great leader understands the value of other people’s knowledge and experience.  They appreciate how different perspectives can help shape strategy.  They recognise never to work in isolation, but to work with those around them and invite contributions from others.

A strong leader is aware of times when they would benefit from advice, guidance and support from other people and they know how and when to invite collaboration.  More importantly, they are not afraid to say ‘I don’t know’.

Leading with collaboration and open communication is a quality of great leaders who encourage those around them to share expertise and use this advice to guide their actions.

As well as these positive qualities, truly great leaders show strength, determination, patience and kindness.  Their character inspires and encourages people around them to be the best they can be.