Senior executive salaries revealed across 53 UK regions

December 2nd 2022 | Posted by Dave

Senior executive salaries revealed across 53 UK regions

Executive Recruit has compiled around 20 in-depth salary guides after surveying hundreds of senior executives across the UK.

The guides are designed to help UK employers understand what to pay prospective senior executives by providing the latest salary figures, relevant to their specific geographical area and sector. In addition, the guides will be useful for finance directors looking to find out the market-standard salary for their profession.

This guide includes:

  • How to secure top talent
  • What benefits should you offer?
  • 10 factors that can influence salary & benefits packages
  • Senior executive salaries for regions across the UK regions

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However, when recruiting for a senior executive position, salary is only part of the puzzle. In many sectors, recent economic uncertainty and increasingly intense competition have prevented businesses from acquiring the top talent they require.

To combat this, employers around the UK have now put a greater emphasis on the benefits they offer their employees to help them stand out from their competitors. Examples include working from home, wellbeing programmes, flexible hours, or better long-term incentive plans (LTIPs). Employers offering candidates great training and career development also have an edge. Our guide also covers these factors.