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HR Consultancy Professionals

Our Part Time HR Hub has rapidly become the UK’s largest network of experienced HR professionals. No matter what area of HR you are looking for or where you are located we have a network of local HR consultancy professionals who can help!

HR Consultancy, locally based HR Professionals

We boast the largest network of highly skilled part time HR consultancy professionals in the UK. So, whatever sector you are in and regardless of location or the size of your business, we have local HR professionals who can help. It’s this scope that enables us to partner HR consultants to organisations with the minimum of fuss and with outstanding results.

We’re passionate about bringing great and workable solutions to our clients. We also appreciate that each vacancy has its unique requirements and demands a bespoke approach.

More strategic roles covering 2 days per week or less naturally create specific conditions when it comes to sourcing the right candidate. In these circumstances, HR consultancy is a simple and effective way of adding real value to any business, regardless of size or sector.

Accessible expertise

From staff development and mentoring, to streamlining human resources processes, HR consultants provide a way of making specialists readily available to businesses by removing the necessity to commit to paying a full time wage for high level expertise.

Instead, a HR consultant can effectively support key identified areas with a real focus on strategic output, with their salary being based around a daily or hourly rate.

Our unrivalled national network of HR professionals perfectly positions us to place the best candidates with a huge cross-section of skills and experience, at the right level and for the number of days required.

For positions over 8 days per month please visit our Part Time HR recruitment pages.

Also see how our HR consultancy rates work.

So if you need a HR professional on a flexible basis, contact one of our HR recruitment specialists today to find out more about what our HR consultancy service can offer.