Senior Business Development Manager, Luton, Bedfordshire - Executive Recruit

Senior Business Development Manager, Luton, Bedfordshire

Luton, Bedfordshire, South East
Full-Time (permanent)
£70000 - £75000 Per Annum

posted: 30th October 2023

**PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING – Experience of selling into Military and/or Defence organisations and possess an understanding of Government procurement processes**


As the Business Development Manager, you will play a vital role in the continued success by owning, accelerating, and surpassing the company’s annual sales targets. Reporting to the Managing Director, you will be responsible for developing and executing sales and marketing strategies and driving the short, medium, and long-term results needed to achieve growth in line with the strategic plan.


  • The Business Development manager annual and monthly sales.
  • Contribute to the Company’s strategic plan.
  • Collaborate with senior management to establish sales goals, forecasts, and budgets.
  • Generate, obtain approval for, and manage the annual sales and marketing plan.
  • Develop action plans for strategic and tactical marketing to support sales.
  • Create monthly tactical sales plans.
  • Implementing sales and marketing plans to generate leads.
  • Improving the sales performance of the business through effective sales and marketing platforms.
  • Retaining and developing existing customers.
  • Representing the business at conferences, exhibitions, webinars, and professional meetings.
  • Identifying, targeting, developing, and closing new business and strategic partners.

Essential Experience Required

  • Understanding of Government procurement processes.
  • Experience of selling into Military and/or Defence organisations
  • Proven successful sales and marketing executive experience, meeting or exceeding targets internationally in a defence and security environment.
  • Demonstrable experience as head of sales, developing client-focused, differentiated, and achievable solutions.


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